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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why Clean a Dryer Vent?
  • To lessen the risk of a costly and dangerous dryer fire
  • To prevent premature wear and tear on the dryer
  • To reduce the time you need to spend doing laundry
  • To lower energy costs

Clothes Dryer burning out of control!


Our Procedure
bullet Spin a  brush attached to flexible rods through venting system
bullet Connector hose cleaned
bullet Lint trap screen cleaned
bullet Air pressure is blown through venting system
bullet Dryer exhaust pressure tested with gauge after system brushed out

bullet A clogged dryer vent (or duct) system means extra drying cycles to dry your clothes.  This results in higher gas and electric bills
bullet Lint-clogged dryer vents create unnecessary wear and tear on dryer parts, which can lead to costly repairs
bullet Clogged dryer systems can overheat and are a potential fire hazard, especially if a flammable plastic connector hose from the dryer to the wall connector is being used

clogged outside dryer vent

dryer vent full of lint

Go to our Dryer Fires Page for more information about the risks of a lint clogged dryer vent system.

  • Access is required to the back of the dryer
  • Access is required to dryer exhaust vent
  • We don't service stack dryers
  • Replacing plastic or damaged connector hose strongly recommended


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer FAQs

Dryer Fires

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